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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  January 20, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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the late-night fan frenzy for the niners after coming oh, so close to a trip to the super bowl. >> and a seahawk and stanford grad steals the spotlight at the big game. ahead hear the post-game rant that has social media buzzing this morning, plus the response from the niner targeted in the tirade. and happening today, the freedom train marking the legacy of martin luther king jr. is just a few hours away from hitting the rails. so will this be the last year ft bay area tradition? thanks for joining us on this martin luther king day at 6:00. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. let's go from those not so classy remarks by richard sherman to a classy forecast by mike nicco. >> some people don't like this one either, eric. it's void of rain once again and that's what makes it maybe a little distasteful but hopefully you're enjoying the warm weather while we have it. 44 degrees, that's our temperature this morning around the bay. the next 12 hours we'll hit near 60 at noon. mostly sunny this afternoon. near to record highs, mid to
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upper 60s and mid to low 50s during the evening hours. we have freezing temperatures, so light frost out there. we'll be in the low 60s by noon, fading clouds and near record highs in the upper 60s at 4:00, 52 at 7:00. one last stop, out to the coast. 47 degrees. we'll be in the light to upper 60s in the afternoon. let's get a check of that monday morning commute. let's find out if it's light. >> so far it is pretty light. as we talk about mass transit, ace train is going to be on a special holiday service. westbound ace train 7 and eastbound ace train 10 will not be in operation. b.a.r.t. train 13, trains are currently running on time and muni is running on a saturday schedule. as you talk about traffic, if you are not going to be hitting mass transit but taking to the roads, we have an accident involving two vehicles over to the shoulder, westbound side of 580 to the northbound 680 connector, the dublin interchange there. 580 tracy to dublin, 24 minutes
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in the westbound direction. highway 4 to concord, 14 minutes. 101, it is quiet from san rafael to san francisco at just 16 minutes. 6:02. >> well, the quest for six will have to continue next season. >> the san francisco 49ers are back home here in the bay area this morning after their defeat by the seattle seahawks in last night's nfc championship game. the niners, well, they controlled their division rivals pretty well in the first half but the seahawks responded loud and clear in the second with 30 seconds left in the fourth quarter, the niners needing a touchdown to win. seahawks all pro cornerback and former stanford cardinal richard sherman delivered a tip there with malcolm smith getting the pick sending seattle to the super bowl in two weeks. >> despite the tough loss, the 49ers received an appreciative homecoming from dozens of fans who greeted the players. the team rolled in on buses from san jose's mineta airport late last night. while the game's outcome was not what fans were hoping for, many
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say they're proud of the niners for playing a hard-fought game and having a great season. >> i could have wished for a much better outcome, but i still think going from where we had been for so long recently to in the hunt three years in a row is fantastic. the 49ers spirit is alive and well. fans are looking forward to the niners first season at the new stadium in santa clara. the internet is busesing following seahawk's cornerback richard sherman's interview with erin andrews. >> i'm the best corner in the game. when you ply me with a receiver like crabtree, that's the result you're going to get. don't you ever talk about me. >> who was talking about you? >> crabtree. don't you open your mouth about the best. >> did you see the look on erin andrews' face? sherman was obviously referring to the game-winning play.
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michael crabtree responded shortly afterwards in the locker room. >> he's a tv guy. i'm not a tv guy, i play ball. he makes one play and you talk. good play. >> i was making sure everybody knew that crabtree was a mediocre receiver. >> in case you couldn't hear there, sherman was trying to make sure everyone knew that he was calling crabtree a mediocre receiver. he says crabtree made a personal remark to him in the off-season in arizona. the cornerback says he's going to be tough on michael crabtree for the rest of his career. and niners fans are thanking the team on our abc 7 page. you can do the same. just go to news and post your thoughts. new this morning, the olympic torch is continuing its trek towards sochi as the winter games quickly approach. this morning the torch relay reached volgograd and that's where twin suicide bombings killed more than 30 people just last month. a heavy police presence was noticeable as the flame was carried around the city. in an exclusive interview with
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george stephanopolous, vladimir putin said his country's security forces are dealing with any possible threats. coming up at 6:30, we'll have new details on the new threat made to the games over the weekend. happening today, the nation is marking the birthday of dr. martin luther king jr. king would have been 85 years old. celebrations of his life are taking place across the country, but here in the bay area, one long-running tradition is in jeopardy. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live in san francisco with details. >> reporter: yeah, eric. today would be one of the last freedom train rides in the bay area. attendance last year was down and the mlk association says this is expensive to put on. it costs $5,000 to charter the train. so they really do have to sell those seats on the train. well, this year it's looking even worse. they have only sold 300 tickets. there are 1600 seats on the train.
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organizers say they would do one more. next year's could be the last one, a farewell ride, which would bring to an end a 30-year-old tradition. the ride commemorates the 54 miles between selma and montgomery, alabama, which martin luther king jr. and activists marched for equal rights, about the same distance between san jose and san francisco. if you're interested in today's ride, it leaves san jose at 10:00 and a round trip ticket will cost you $15. on board you'll hear personal stories, tributes and gospel singing. organizers say this is the last freedom train that exists in the country. reporting live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> amy, thanks a lot. 6:06 now. to san francisco's duboce triangle neighborhood where someone has been taking expensive potted plants, including small trees from the sidewalk gardens on walter street. one resident believes the responsible party is from the
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neighborhood. >> that's a heavy load. if you're not local, you don't want to carry a tree that size and a root ball that size. if you have a car, you throw it in the car and go. i think he's a neighbor. and the fact that we've been losing plants for a year and a half also suggests that it's local. >> a neighbor twice captured footage of the man stealing plants in the middle of the night. patrick santana is posting flyers with that image. oakland police are investigating a potential hate crime that has victimized a prominent candidate for mayor next november. flyers depicting a swastika on the forehead of city council member libby shaft were plastered throughout montclair over the weekend. our media partner, the contra costa times reports nobody has claimed responsibility. the flier supposedly represents opponents of a controversial surveillance center that is proposed for the area. the varsity basketball docoh
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at a peninsula high school has been fired following a hazing incident. two players from woodside high were beaten, gagged, duct taped to chairs and had their faces painted with lipstick. this is said to have happened during a post christmas tournament trip to the town of newton. the boys' families are considering legal action. 6:08. if you're off work or perhaps your kids are off from school and it's martin luther king day, what are they looking at, mike? >> we'll start with the peninsula. we have 34 in palo al toechlt 37 in redwood city. san mateo 42. belmont 48. san bruno 49. very widespread temperatures there. heading north into san francisco, 49 there. heading south into san jose, about 40. we're in the upper 30s to low 40s along the east bay shore. mid to upper 30s. we'll just say mid-30s through the east bay valleys and upper 20s to mid-30s in the north bay valley. half moon bay, that's one of the coolest temperatures i've seen in a long time for you. 37 degrees.
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let's see what's going to happen today. we'll have temperatures 8 to 12 degrees above average. we'll be in the mid-60s to near 70. that's pretty close to records. we'll probably stop a degree or two short in many areas. a wind shift for tomorrow. mid to upper 60s and then tomorrow possible fire danger developing thursday. let's get leyla with a check of your morning commute. >> i'm happy to report nothing but crickets out there. a couple of fender-benders but nothing too major. 16 b.a.r.t. trains are running on time and plenty of wide open space for people to travel. if you do head to school or go to work today, you're not going to be with much traffic what e whatsoev whatsoever. let's see how things are moving along on the nimitz and 580. top speeds there. along highway 13 as well, that is a clear drive right up to oakland on 880 as you head closer to the maze, we're looking at top speeds there.
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as we head into san jose along 101, 280, 85, you can see 64 miles per hour running there at posted speeds. also 67 miles per hour there coming into cupertino. a live look outside, this is your commute coming away from it looks like 87 right past julian street. nice and quiet there as well. a few extra cars. thanks very much, it's 6:10. new this morning, a mother and her two baby daughters targeted in a violent crime. the investigation under way right now. also ahead, more trouble for new jersey's chris christie. the other mayor now coming forward to make her own allegations against the embattled governor. and damage control. juan pablo tries to clarify his
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a holiday in honor of dr. martin luther king jr. it looks like a lot of people are taking this holiday off. look at the embarcadero. there's nobody there. they're probably home sleeping. oh, well. here's kristen with more news. new this morning from new york city where police are investigating a violent family tragedy. we want to warn you some viewers may find this story very disturbing. police say a 21-year-old woman and her two young daughters were found stabbed to death last night inside their queens apartment. officers responded to the scene after receiving a 911 call. investigators say the two "dancing with the stars" were ju -- two daughters were just 2 and 1 years old. the mom and daughters lived in the apartment with her husband. he has not been located. a new survey out this morning finds distrust in elected leaders growing here in the u.s. as well as abroad. according to the public relations firm, just 37% of college educated adults say they trust the u.s. government, down 16 points from a year earlier.
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the survey shows washington's budget battle was a key reason for the drop. worldwide trusts in governments is also down four points to 44%. survey results will be presented later this week at a world economic forum in switzerland. a new jersey mayor is making new accusations about governor chris christie this morning. the mayor of hoboken, new jersey, has met with federal prosecutors after claiming representatives of governor christie tried to strong-arm her. dawn zimmer says she was told her storm-damaged city would get superstorm sandy recovery funds only if she expedited a development project. christie is already under fire after the revelation that his aides orchestrated a traffic jam as political payback. president obama is macing waves with a new statement on marijuana. the president says in a candid interview with "the new yorker" that pot is less dangerous than alcohol, quote, in terms of its impact on the individual consumer. he does not, though, argue for legalizing marijuana.
6:16 am
the president has admitted to using pot when he was young and calls it a bad idea. the president says people who think legalizing marijuana will solve social problems are, quote, probably overstating the case. this morning the star of "the bachelor" is apologizing to the gay community for his controversial remarks. the 32-year-old single father and former soccer player says he'll meet with glad in tern. he said he didn't think a gay bachelor would set a good example for kids. >> to me the show will be -- >> in a facebook apology, he explains that english is his second language. juan pablo says he didn't mean to use the word pervert. what he meant to say is that gay people are more affectionate. abc called his comments careless, thoughtless and
6:17 am
insensitive and not representative of those of the network or show. >> open mouth, remove foot. >> second one too after that other comment. >> remove both feet. >> i don't think it's the same spanish word for affectionate and pervert, but okay. >> i'll look that up. in the meantime let's get the weather forecast. >> come close to records, absolutely. let's take a look and show you what is going on. all right. we're starting with live doppler 7. you can see the high clouds still streaming over the bay area as the high pressure is starting to get squeezed just a little bit. moving away from us and that's why the records are becoming a little less likely this week than they were last week. lowest visibility four miles at half moon bay. usually high clouds have no effect on flight arrivals, it's low clouds. those on the left side of your screen are well offshore and that's where they should stay the next couple of days. let's talk about what's going on. the camera is not bouncing too
6:18 am
much. a little bit of a breeze but not like we're going to have, say, come thursday. jump ahead here a little bit. that's when fire danger could develop once again in our hills and mountains. for today, a few high clouds, especially this morning. near record highs this afternoon and the breezes will stop coming offshore for a couple of days this week and that means a cool trend -- a cooling trend is on the way, but still well above average. even when we get cooler weather it's not going to fall down to where we should be. santa cruz and most of the santa clara valley in the mid to upper 60s. like 69 san jose. we'll drop down to 66 in millbrae as you head northbound on the peninsula. mid to upper 60s along the coast into downtown and south san francisco. mid-60s for sausalito and san rafael and sonoma, vallejo, everybody else even at the coast in the upper 60s to near 70 degrees in santa rosa. 70 in oakland.
6:19 am
we go all the way down to 64 in richmond. mid to upper 60s throughout the east bay valleys with fairfield a little bit warmer at 70. tonight it will be freezing cold inland with temperatures in the low to upper 30s. upper 30s and fremont and down in the south bay. everybody else around the bay and the coast in the 40s. here's your accu-weather seven-day forecast. 2 to 4 degrees cooler tomorrow. wednesday the low water mark. temperatures rebound to the mid to upper 60s and we'll keep an eye on thursday, friday and saturday for that high fire danger the right now, not so mast. have a good one. the crash at the dublin interchange was over to the shoulder but it's gone now. we have 19 b.a.r.t. trains running on time. as we take you back to highway 4, this is where we have a stalled vehicle still waiting for a tow truck. as you continue into concord and up towards 242, if you do need to make it to 680, you can see nothing but top speeds. nice and clear there.
6:20 am
once you get onto highway 24 near the caldecott, that is a top speed drive, 65 miles an hour as you approach highway 13. a live look outside, it's going to be across the san mateo bridge. 13 minutes will get you there. a couple of extra cars. no accidents reported so very holiday light. eric, kristen. >> thank you, leyla. it's 6:20. b.a.r.t.'s nine-month long contract battle is finally over but it turned out to be a pricey struggle. ahead at 6:30, the seven-figure sum now coming to light. coming up first, get ready to go to a galaxy far action far away. the director of the new "star wars" film says he's cleared a major first step for the new movie in the it a great day. i'm john muller. and make skin l. but there's one that's so clever, neutrogena healthy skin liquid makeup. 98% of women saw improvement in their skins' natural texture, tone, or clarity.
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good morning. a live look at downtown san francisco. a lot of the city is going to be a warm day pushing records once again. we'll talk to mike nicco about when there might be a break in the trend coming up. >> but we'll hear what's coming up on "good morning america". breaking overnight, the american missionary who's been jailed in north korea for more than a year appearing at a press conference. we're going to have much more on his appeal to the american government for his release. big news out of north korea coming up next on gma.
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if you're one of those iphone users who always manages to break your screen, apple has a solution. starting today, apple will fix your broken iphone 5c screens in house. the previous option was to replace the entire phone, which could be expensive and time-consuming. a screen repair will set you back $150 and takes about one hour. "star wars" fans are a step closer to going back to a galaxy far, far away. director j.j. abrams says he has a completed script for the next film in the popular series. you're looking at scenes from the original "star wars" movies. filming on the new installment will start in may in england. abrams isn't commenting on the casting or the plot, however, details will come soon. lucas films says the next "star wars" will hit theaters in december of 2015. a local couple has followed batkid's lead saving the city of san francisco, this time from a hefty bill.
6:25 am
philanthropists john and marcia goldman are picking up the city's $105,000 tab for allowing 5-year-old miles scott to fight villains and rescue a damsel in distress last november. make-a-wish orchestrated the factacy for the 5-year-old with leukemia. the niners loss is the washington governor's gain. our governor has to pay up. governor jerry brown and washington governor jay ensley made a wager. brown betting a case of california's bet wine. ensley promised brown wine, a bottle from each of the 13 wine-growing regions. after the seahawks he tweeted simply super bowl in all caps. one of the most stressful weeks to travel in china, a group of flight attendants did their part to bring levity to the whole flying experience.
6:26 am
smiles, everyone, smiles. these staffers at china united airlines serenaded fliers with their dance moves at an airport terminal in beijing. the chinese spring festival or lunar new year kicks off next week and more than 42 million people in china are expected to travel thoem see their family as head of the holidays. 6:26 now. the abc 7 morning news continues at 6:30 with the day's top stories. >> including new details on those data breaches that put target and neiman marcus customers' information at risk. the young hacker said to be responsible. i'm matt keller where the players for the 49ers are back in town. i'll tell you what they'll be doing today for the last time this season. and i'm leyla gulen. take a look behind me. this is holiday light. bay bridge metering lights definitely not turned on. all in all smooth sailing across the bay area.
6:27 am
mass transit, that is where we need to focus on. i'll have that coming
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good monday morning. it's martin luther king day. 6:29. thanks for waking up early and joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. it is 6:30 right now. time for a check on the forecast. here's mike. >> good morning from the top of the abc 7 news broadcast center. it's nice to see you. it's also nice to see that it's going to be uneventful this morning for your morning commute. we've got a few high clouds behind me. unfortunately they won't give any rain to our neighborhoods that we desperately need. you can see the high clouds bisecting the bay area and the low clouds on the left side of your screen. i think for the most part today and tomorrow they'll stay away. they may get a little closer wednesday as the winds will start coming on shore late tomorrow and into wednesday. otherwise it's pretty calm out here. all of the areas not reporting winds is because they're calm. concord and napa, 3 to 5 miles per hour. just a breath there. here's a look at your day planner for today. freezing cold inland, 30s and 40s for the rest of us. high clouds will move away
6:31 am
around noon. almost record highs at 4:00 and we'll round out the evening hours rather quiet. star-filled skies and low to mid-50s. let's get a check of that morning commute, if there is one, from leyla. >> not too much of one i have to say, mike. as far as b.a.r.t. is concerned, 22 trains are running on time. they are on a saturday schedule. vta is on a normal schedule. they do not have a holiday or weekend schedule in place. so normal schedule for them. ace train, everything is running on time right now. a holiday schedule as well. but number 7 and 10, those two trains are not going to be running today. what we do have is a plastic bin in the presidio tunnel. here's your drive just before the golden gate, you can see a few extra taillights but no accidents to report. eric, kristen. >> all right, leyla, thank you very much. it's 6:31.
6:32 am
as you probably saw, the niners put up a big fight, but they were defeated by the seattle seahawks during last night's nfc championship game. the niners controlled their division rivals pretty well in the first half, but the seahawks responded loud and clear in the second half. with 30 seconds left in the fourth quarter and the niners needing a touchdown to win, the seahawks all pro cornerback and former stanford cardinal tipped the ball. malcolm smith caught it for the pick, spending seattle to the super bowl in two weeks. back here in the bay area, the niners returned home to a hero's welcome. matt keller joins us live from santa clara with that part of the story. matt. >> reporter: it was a tough loss after a fun season and this message here scribbled onto this posterboard may say it all for the fans who showed up here at team headquarters last night to welcome the team home. it says "don't be so hard on yourselves." this sight may have eased a little of the pain for the players. 49ers fans lined the road after
6:33 am
the team's 23-17 loss in the nfc championship game. the 49ers couldn't win a third straight playoff game but fans wanted to say thanks for another entertaining season. >> you win 'em, you lose 'em. i would love to beat seattle, but we did it in a classy way. and we're walking with our heads up high and we'll get them next year. >> reporter: now, the 49ers landed at mineta san jose international airport just before 11:00 last night before filing into six waiting buses for the trip to their headquarters. many players took to twitter to thank niner nation. aldon smith said thank you for your support. other players tweeted saying the niners will be back. and maybe patrick willis said it best. i have no reason to think that next year won't be our year. the players will be coming in today to the team's headquarters. they will be cleaning out their lockers and talking with reporters for the last time this season. reporting live in santa clara, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> thanks, matt.
6:34 am
san francisco mayor ed lee said the city is proud of the niners. in a statement he said we would have liked a different outcome, but we are grateful for the team's amazing last season at candlestick park this year that will forever be remembered. a new era have niners football begins in the fall when the team begins their new season at levi stadium in santa clara. the loss was a downer for fans throughout the bay area. hundreds of fans packed the park at 11th and division to watch the game. what began as an exciting matchup became excruciating as fans waited for the inevitable. >> pretty disappointed in how the game ended. i mean i don't really know why we went for it on that play to go for the end zone, we were driving, so it's a rough loss. >> it's all right. next year. it's all right. we'll stay positive, represent. you know, represent our niners. whoo! >> i couldn't hear what they
6:35 am
said. anyway, how do you relax after a loss like that? some comfort food will ease the pain. others left quietly, celebrations on hold until another time. so some misery, somber moods across the bay area, but quite a different picture in seattle. >> super bowl, super bowl, super bowl. >> seahawks fans took to the streets following last night's game to celebrate their team's victory over the niners. you can hear as fans chant "super bowl" over music while waving flags. some even passed around what appeared to be a large poster of seattle coach pete carroll. and the "seattle times" newspaper is celebrating the seahawks win with this morning's cover. you can see the headline there is "super bound, seahawks outlast 49ers 23-17 to earn date with denver." cornerback richard sherman is on the cover as well. back east, the patriots are back home this morning as well after their own tough loss in denver. the team got back to rhode
6:36 am
island last night. a win for the patriots would have meant a sixth trip to the super bowl since 2002. instead the denver broncos will face the seahawks in two weeks in new jersey. niners fans are thanking the team on our abc 7 news page. you can do the same, just go to and post your thoughts. with the sochi winter olympics just weeks away, fresh threats against tourists are raising concerns about americans' safety and security. the terror group behind last month's attacks in volgograd, russia, has posted a video claiming to show the suicide bombers responsible. the islamist militants are seen building their explosives and traveling to their target. they say this was just the beginning, warning they'll have a surprise package for tourists who come to the olympics. >> the long and the short of it is that i think vladimir putin and the russian government will be very lucky if they're able to get through the olympics without an incident. >> translator: the job of the olympics host is to ensure
6:37 am
security of the participants in the olympics and visitors. we will do whatever it takes. >> the state department has cautioned americans headed to the games to be on the lookout for terrorism. some athletes have even set up their own private security and emergency evacuation plans. 6:37. ahead the new trouble facing a long-running tradition honoring dr. martin luther king jr. but coming up first, adding to the cost of two strikes and months of contentious negotiations, how much b.a.r.t.'s bitter labor struggle cost the transit agency. and taking a live look outside right now from our mt. tam cam towards the bay, we're going to get near some record temperatures today as we've been doing several days. mike will have your forecast coming up as the abc 7 morning coming up as the abc 7 morning news continues. [ bell dings ] [ coughs ] hi. yo. cold? nasty cold. dayquil severe. nyquil severe. thanks dude. [ female announcer ] walgreens. get in. get out. feel better. select dayquil severe and nyquil severe. $11.99 at walgreens.
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good morning from the top of the abc 7 news broadcast center. a nice shade of pink and orange coming at you. i'll put that on my facebook and twitter. this is the way it looks. it's bouncing a little bit but nothing like the winds we'll have later in the week that may heighten the fire danger. today temperatures a little warmer around san francisco and concord. everybody else within a couple of degrees of yesterday and that's near record highs in the mid to upper 60s. low to mid-70s around the central valley. mid to upper 70s san diego and l.a. palm springs the warm spot at 82. if you're heading up to the
6:41 am
sierra, specifically tahoe, unfortunately record high yesterday, near record high today. it may get a little cooler by friday, but not a single chance of snow once again in the forecast. safe travels, here's leyla. >> and those travels are going to be quick ones so you can stay home and of that extra cup of coffee, maybe a little toast and eggs or pancakes. you don't have to head out onto the roads very quickly this morning because it is confiwide just about everywhere. we had a stalled vehicle blocking a lane. a tow truck came out and now it has cleared a little farther to the east in the westbound direction from antioch into concord. that entire stretch nothing but top speeds there. as we drop down to 580 over the altamont pass, again 62 miles per hour, don't see that too often during a weekday so do take advantage of it. a quick look outside. here's walnut creek coming out of pleasant hill, just 9 minutes from highway 4 down to the 24 junction. kristen, eric. >> leyla, thank you. new this morning, b.a.r.t.'s
6:42 am
nine-month long contract battle with two striking unions wound up costing the agency millions. today's san francisco chronicle said b.a.r.t. spent $2.2 million to recent final settlement. among the costs salaries for negotiator negotiators, consultants and $5,000 for take-out food. new this morning, the american north korea is holding prisoner makes a new plea for his release. plus new details on that target data breach. we're learning the hacker responsible is just a teenager. coming up first, could the freedom train honoring dr. martin luther king jr. soon be offtrack? we're in san fra
6:43 am
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6:45. the nation is marking martin luther king day and once again the freedom train will roll this morning, but with a very uncertain future. >> abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live in san francisco to explain. amy? >> reporter: yeah, the freedom train is in trouble. here's some video of last year's ride. attendance was down last year. they had 400 empty seats and they're saying that this year is looking worse. organizers say if they can't
6:46 am
fill today's train, next year might be the last one. they would do a farewell ride. it cost the martin luther king association $5,000 to charter the train, so they say they really have to sell those tickets. the concept was started by martin luther king's bwidow. it commemorates the 54 miles between selma and montgomery, alabama, which martin luther king jr. and activists marched in 1965 to fight for equal rights. that's about the same distance between san jose and san francisco. people here say that there's a very nice tribute on board the train, complete with speeches, personal stories and gospel singing. but to give you an idea of how low attendance is looking this year, the train holds 1600 people. they have sold 300 tickets. so it's not looking good. if you'd like to get on board, it leaves san jose at 10:00 this morning and will get to san francisco at about 11:00. the round-trip ticket will cost you $15.
6:47 am
reporting live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news sglrchl t. the new video from the martin luther king memorial in washington shows a wreath laying hosted by the national park service. 3.2 million people visited the monument in 2012 shall which was the 50th anniversary of dr. king's march on washington. here's what's closed today for the holiday. local, state and federal government offices are closed with the exception of emergency services. banks and financial institutions are closed. post offices are closed with no mail delivery. b.a.r.t. and muni will operate on saturday schedules. ac transit is on a sunday schedule. golden gate ferries are on a holiday schedule. other transit agencies are operating normal monday service. new this morning, an american missionary being held in north korea is appealing to the united states to help secure his release. kenneth bae was arrested in november, 2012, and accused of crimes against the state. he was sentenced to 15 years of
6:48 am
hard labor. this morning bae appeared in a gray prison uniform and baseball cap and spoke at a press conference held at his own request. the 45-year-old says he wants to return to his family as soon as possible and hopes the u.s. will help. dennis rodman has reportedly checked into rehab seeking treatment for alcohol addiction. ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ happy birthday to you >> that's video of rodman singing to north korean leader kim jong-un for his birthday earlier this month. according to his agent, rodman's drinking escalated during his controversial trip to north korea. the 52-year-old has long battled drug addiction and alcohol abuse. in money news, the stock market is closed today due to the martin luther king jr. holiday and trading will resume tomorrow morning. new this morning, we're learning the hacker responsible for cyber attacks against target and neiman marcus is just 17. cnn reports a security firm has identified the teenager who has
6:49 am
roots in st. petersburg, russia. the firm says the 17-year-old originated the malware that put it on the internet for downloads for other hackers to take. the target, cyber attack, compromised credit card information up to 70 million customers and it was announced last week that the neiman marcus data breach possibly dates back to last july. kraft is recalling nearly two million pounds of a popular cheese product. it's part of the kraft velveeta cheesy skillet singles line. the ultimate cheeseburger mac has an undeclared soy arterial jen in it. the products affected have a sell by stamp march 2nd to october 23rd, 2013. the ultimate cheeseburger mac contains soy but the ingredient is not included on the label. this martin luther king day a lot of kids will be out of school. whether they're biking outside or whatever, it's spring perfect. >> study for your finals outside today. let's take a look and show you
6:50 am
what's going on. hopefully they'll be studying about dr. martin luther king jr. and other things that pertain to their grades too, but this is the reason why we're supposed to have this day off is to reflect on what he did. let's take a look at our visibility out there. you can see it's pretty quiet, 5 miles at half moon bay. you can see a little haze out there and definitely high clouds streaming in from the west. off to the -- farther off to the west you can see low clouds hanging around there. we'll keep an eye on those. when the wind starts to blow onshore tuesday into wednesday, they may try to make an appearance in our neighborhoods. unfortunately, they won't bring any rain with them. you can see the color starting to change already with the sun coming up. a little purpleness in the clouds, oranges off in the distance as we look back towards mt. diablo. a few clouds especially this morning and near record highs this afternoon. the cooler breezes should hang around through midweek. they'll reverse their direction come thursday, friday and saturday and start blowing offshore once again and that may
6:51 am
heighten the fire danger in our hills and mountains. all right, for today, low to mid-70s morgan hill, gilroy, los g gatos. in the peninsula we'll have mid to upper 60s. half moon bay about 68 degrees, that's the warm spot along the coast. a lot of mid-60s around daly city, san francisco and downtown. sausalito, san rafael and sonoma along with vallejo. everybody else 67 to 70 degrees through the north bay. we'll have 66 degrees in berkeley, but oakland will be 70. that's the warm spot. into the east bay valleys, upper 60s in most neighborhoods. fairfield warmer at 70. tonight's temperatures freezing cold inland, a little frost in your neighborhoods. we'll have upper 30s in the south bay through fremont and low to mid-40s around the bay shore and out to the coast. area of high pressure is getting squeezed by a jetstream headed to the north, another jetstream
6:52 am
down to the south. that's why it's going to lose its grip temporarily and we'll get the wind shift starting tomorrow. we'll be in the low to mid-60s wednesday. the coolest day and the day most likely to be affected by the low clouds. being a little conservative as we head into the weekend. have a good one. here's leyla. >> traffic neglible across the bay area. make sure you check in with your schedule to get to where you need to be. now, we do have this, a report of a fender-bender over to the shoulder in san jose. the byrd avenue on-ramp to northbound 280, that's where you're going to find it but it's not blocking any lanes so won't hamper your commute. if you continue over towards cuperti cupertino, nothing but top speeds. here's a look at drive time traffic. 680 southbound from walnut creek to dublin, 14 minutes. 101 southbound.
6:53 am
let's take a live look outside and it's going to be our drive coming right up to the maze. this is i-80 heading along in the westbound direction, the taillights making it up to 580. just a couple of extra taillights but everyone right now running at top speeds. kristen, eric. >> leyla, thank you. 6:53. ahead, seven things to know before you go. >> the abc 7 morning news re
6:54 am
6:54 as we get ready to hand things off for "good morning america" here are seven things to know. number one, despite yesterday's loss in the nfc championship game against the seahawks, the niners got a warm homecoming from dozens of fans who greeted the team as it arrived back here in the bay area. the team rolled in on buses from san jose mineta airport late last night. seattle beat the niners 23-17 to advance to the super bowl. number two, social media is exploding with viewers crying
6:55 am
foul after a wild rant by seahawks cornerback and sanford grad richard sherman. during a post-game interview, the cornerback, sherman, criticized niners wide receiver michael crabtree calling him a sully receiver and a mediocre player. freedom train organizers say a significant drop in ticket sales threatens the 30-year-old tradition. the train leaves san jose at 10:00 this morning for ceremonies in san francisco honoring dr. king. as of today, only 300 of 1600 tickets have been sold. police in new york are investigating the violent deaths of a woman and her two young children. the 21-year-old and her daughters were found stabbed to death last night. they lived with the woman's husband who has not been located. no arrests have been made. number five, fresh threats against tourists are raising concerns about americans' security ahead of the sochi winter olympics next month in russia. the terror group behind last
6:56 am
month's attacks in volgograd warns it will have a surprise package for tourists who come to the olympics. seasonally cool this morning. south bay mid-30s to low 40s. as far as our temperatures elsewhere, 30s inland, some fraught there, 40s around the bay. we're going to see a lot of sunshine later this afternoon once these high clouds pass and have temperatures near record highs, mid-60s to 70s. and number seven, the bay bridge toll metering lights never turned on this morning because they don't need. to it is holiday right right now as we make it away from the maze. it will take you 11 minutes to head into san francisco. as we take you into san jose, that drive wide open. seeing clear conditions there. accident-free over the altamont pass. that commute from tracy to dublin just 23 minutes. >> leyla, thank you very much. thank you for joining us. and there's always next year. abc 7 news continues now online, on twitter, facebook and all your mobile devices. >> and we'll be back here in 25 minutes during "good morning america." have a great day and we'll see you back here tomorrow morning. >> bye-bye.
6:57 am
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good morning, america. breaking new details, the sochi threat increases as a new videotape emerges from the suicide bombers warning tourists and athletes to be ready for another attack. their alarming attack coming right after vladimir putin told me that 80,000 troops will create a ring of steel and the games will be secure. not again. an arctic blast that could hit the midwest and northeast sending temperatures plunging and a major snowstorm is on target to hit the east coast. ginger is tracking it all. double murder mystery at a california mall. no suspects, no known motive. police baffled. now a third body found 24 days later. can cops now crack the case? i'm the best corner in the game! >> the epic rant after a last-second victory for seattle. the seahawks now headed to the super bowl to face the comeback


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